Our Investment Solutions

Our Core Competencies

We have focused our resources on a select, diversified range of products across three pillars: healthcare strategies, selected niche strategies and entrepreneur strategies. These strategies provide a sturdy foundation for our house and give us a selective, differentiated product range. They enable us to identify new investment opportunities early on and to act on these ideas for our investors. All portfolios are therefore focused on long-term returns and growth, and excel in innovation.

«House of Investment Ideas»   

Clearly differentiated investment expertise

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  • Healthcare Strategies

    As one of the largest and most experienced healthcare investors with more than 20 healthcare experts, we focus on high-conviction special themes within the healthcare sector. Our broad and highly specialized range of healthcare strategies captures the zeitgeist of our times and has been attracting increasing attention from the investment community. BB Biotech AG, an investment company that has generated value for investors for more than 25 years, exemplifies our long-standing and unique investment expertise in the healthcare sector.

  • Selected Niche Strategies

    We are always on the lookout for structural growth trends. Identifying investment opportunities with a promising long-term performance is our primary objective. To achieve that, we selectively offer high active share strategies for equities, bonds or multi-asset funds beyond the mainstream investment channels too.

  • Entrepreneur Investments

    Investing in owner-managed companies has been an integral part of our overall investment strategy for many years. Family businesses have taken a long-term, sustainable and innovative approach for generations. That and their generally solid balance sheets and healthy attitudes toward risk translate into above-average returns over the medium term – to the delight of investors. Our entrepreneur solutions focus on the most promising investment candidates and cover both the liquid and illiquid segments of this attractive universe. The platform we have created can meet the needs of every investor.

Differentiated Range of Investment Vehicles

We make our investment expertise available through a clearly defined range of investment vehicles:

  • Transparent public investment funds in various jurisdictions
  • Institutional mandate solutions
  • Listed investment companies
  • Private equity funds
  • Direct equity investments