Key Data

Balance sheet1.1-*Changein %
Total assets432 236463 710-1 474-0.3%
Total liabilities285 037304 835-19 789-6.5%
Total shareholders' equity177 199158 875+18 324+11.5%
Ratios1.1-*Veränderungin %
Equity per share (in CHF)13.1611.80+1.65n.a.
Undiluted earnings per share (in CHF)1.60-0.05+1.65n.a.
Diluted earnings per share(in CHF)1.60-0.05n.a.n.a.
Return on equity 1)12.8%-0.4%n.a.+13.2%
Cost/Income Ratio 2)70.2%79.9%n.a.-9.7%

1.1-*Veränderungin %
Assets in self-managed collective investment instruments(in CHF m)9 9317 740+2 191+28.3%
Assets with management mandate (in CHF m)369140+229+163.6%
Other assets under management (in CHF m)1 7452 670-925-34.6%
Total assets under management (in CHF m) 3)12 04510 550+1 495+14.2%
Number of staff (full-time equivalent) at cutoff date92.6111.3-18.7-16.8%
Annual average number of staff (full-time equivalent)99.0100.5-1.5-1.5%

1) Group net profit annualized as a percentage of average equity

2)Defined as: Business expenses (excluding depreciation and movement in provisions) / Total income (excluding income from the sale of participations, income from financial investments and other financial assets at fair value and any other non-recurring items)

3) Before deduction of double counts