Bellevue literally means “beautiful view” in French and, as an employer, we want to offer exactly that. Considerable freedom and flexibility to get the job done, very attractive employment conditions and, at our main office in Küsnacht, literally one of the most beautiful places you can work at with views overlooking Lake Zurich.

We employ highly qualified specialists at all our operating units to meet the needs of our demanding clientele, specialists who approach work every day with passion, creativity and a high level of motivation.

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Corporate News / 30.10.2018

Changes in CFO roles at Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 26.10.2018

Newly formed group of shareholders.

Corporate News / 19.10.2018

Ad hoc announcement on upcoming changes in the Board of Directors of Bellevue Group.

Products & Services / 19.10.2018

BB Biotech AG will propose Dr. Thomas von Planta for election to its Board of Directors.

Markets & Opinions / 19.10.2018

In the third quarter capital flowed into the biotech sector.