Strategic dialogue

Individual and holistic view

We strongly believe that an open and honest dialogue is crucial, not only at the beginning of our relationship but at every meeting point thereafter. Being fully aware of your ideas, goals and restrictions helps us to serve you better.

Financial aspects are a very important part of our relationship, of course, but we know they're not the only thing that matters. In addition to all the financial details and the sound management of your wealth, our conversation will revolve around you and your individual situation: personal and family details, the work you do, your dreams and passions, your thoughts about tomorrow.

Status quo review

A possible starting point could be an independent review of your current situation by us. Such an evaluation could help us jointly define specific measures suited to your specific situation.

As an example, the following actions could be leading to immediate improvements:

  • lowering costs by renegotiating current agreements
  • formulating a detailed financial plan
  • drafting of a family constitution
  • supporting and structuring newly identified philanthropic projects or impact investments
  • providing support in setting up a family office.

Our aim is to identify solutions taking into account your specific reality.


Corporate News / 30.01.2019

Expected net profit of about CHF 20 mn. 

Corporate News / 30.10.2018

Changes in CFO roles at Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 26.10.2018

Newly formed group of shareholders.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

All figures relating to the half-year result 2018 of Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

Media release regarding the half-year results 2018 of Bellevue Group.