Liquid assets

Risk-/Return profile

Our overriding objective in the management of your liquid assets is maintaining a clear focus on and close alignment with your individual needs. Achieving a positive return with the lowest possible risk is often, but not always, the basic idea.

The following questions therefore have a material impact on every investment decision we make:

  • What is the potential return of a certain investment and what is the potential risk?
  • Will the given level of risk be adequately remunerated?

Discretionary or advisory mandate?

The exact details of our collaboration with respect to how investment decisions are made will be determined in accordance with your needs. We provide discretionary portfolio management services based on your instructions but we can also serve as an advisor where investment decisions are left to your discretion (advisory). Whatever suits you best.

Choice of investment strategy

As we are constructing and managing your portfolio based on your specific needs, there is no such thing as „the one“ strategy that fits all purposes. Experience has taught us that owners of larger fortunes often opt for following wealth preservation strategies. Additionally (or alternatively) also growth- and value-oriented strategies or even opportunistic trading strategies may be well-suited to achieve your goals.

Multi custody approach

As an independent asset manager, we allow you to diversify your assets and keep in the banks of your choice in custody. By means of a limited power of attorney we have access to your accounts and carry out the necessary transactions.


Corporate News / 30.01.2019

Expected net profit of about CHF 20 mn. 

Corporate News / 30.10.2018

Changes in CFO roles at Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 26.10.2018

Newly formed group of shareholders.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

All figures relating to the half-year result 2018 of Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

Media release regarding the half-year results 2018 of Bellevue Group.