Lending solutions

As a Swiss bank and a well networked financial market participant, we can offer our clients attractive credit solutions directly or through our network of partners.

Below are some typical scenarios where you could turn to us to raise investment capital:

  • You want to improve the return of your liquid securities portfolio by taking on a Lombard loan secured against that same portfolio (leverage effect).
  • Lend a large equity position and use the proceeds to grow a diversified, conservative portfolio or for some other purpose (single stock lending).
  • Refinance your mortgage or replace an existing mortgage with one that has more favorable terms (multi-bank mortgage offerings).
  • Secure entrepreneurial capital requirements via a tailor-made credit solution (private debt solution).


Corporate News / 30.01.2019

Expected net profit of about CHF 20 mn. 

Corporate News / 30.10.2018

Changes in CFO roles at Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 26.10.2018

Newly formed group of shareholders.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

All figures relating to the half-year result 2018 of Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

Media release regarding the half-year results 2018 of Bellevue Group.