Investment strategy

Strategic allocation

Modern portfolio theory tells us that the correct, individually appropriate strategic allocation across the various asset classes (stocks, bonds, etc.) has a powerful impact on the long-term investment outcomes. We approach strategic asset allocation from a holistic perspective by taking into consideration your entire wealth, which includes the monetary value of your stake in your business, the property you own and other illiquid assets. This thorough analysis determines the best strategic profile also for your liquid portfolio to enable meeting your investment goals in the long run.

Tactical allocation

In the context of both strategic management of your assets but also for opportunistic “trading portfolios”, we propose to implement tactical reallocations or hedging measures based on our ongoing analyses of financial markets. In such cases we would prefer to act decisively, even if this means deviating from benchmarks.

Instrument selection

We prefer to use efficient passive investment instruments. However, should we believe that it is better to actively select investments in a particular market, we will cherry-pick active fund managers with successful track records for you based on a best-in-class approach.

If your financial portfolio is large enough and your individual tolerance levels permit it, we can also invest in illiquid assets. Investment in non-listed securitized loans, infrastructure projects, real estate, private equity and other asset classes can produce very attractive returns. An extensive network of contacts helps us to identify attractive investment targets in these area


Corporate News / 30.01.2019

Expected net profit of about CHF 20 mn. 

Corporate News / 30.10.2018

Changes in CFO roles at Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 26.10.2018

Newly formed group of shareholders.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

All figures relating to the half-year result 2018 of Bellevue Group.

Corporate News / 27.07.2018

Media release regarding the half-year results 2018 of Bellevue Group.