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Strategic Dialog

We strongly believe that an open and honest dialog with our clients is crucial, not only at the beginning of our business relationship but at every step of the way thereafter. Full awareness of the ideas, goals and restrictions of our clients makes it possible for us to serve them as a trusted advisor.

Financial matters are very important, of course, but we believe they're not the only thing that counts. Beside these aspects and the related wealth-management issues, we endeavor to put the individual at the center of our client relationships: their personal and family situation, their professional activities, their passions and enthusiasms, and their thoughts about tomorrow.

One starting point in our dialog with a client is an evaluation of their existing setup by us acting as a neutral party to obtain a qualified second opinion. This assessment can lead to suggestions that take the specific needs of the client into consideration. Below are examples of some suggestions that can create immediate value for the client:

  • Renegotiate existing agreements to lower fees
  • Prepare a detailed financial plan
  • Draw up a family constitution / strategic roadmap / investment guidelines
  • Get support for new investment projects on the horizon
  • Get support in setting up a family office

We desire to work with our clients to find the solutions that best meet their individual needs.

After establishing the client’s fundamental goals and wishes and elaborating a strategy for achieving them, we continue our dialog over time and seek to engage in a client-centered interactive discussion of both strategic and tactical matters pertaining to the investment of their assets.

Reporting & Controlling

The greater the wealth, the more important it is to diversify it across different asset classes, different financial institutions and perhaps even different countries so as to keep counterparty and country risk within reasonable bounds. Diversification is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of protecting a client's assets from adverse external influences. At the same time, however, diversification can quickly obscure the big picture, or require an inordinate amount of manual, administrative work to maintain a good overview.

All investment positions and their returns are entered in our consolidated reporting system and displayed in a clear and compact form that allows our clients to benefit from diversification without losing track of important information. It ensures quick and easy evaluations of every investment and provides valuable inputs for future investment decisions. Good investment decisions require up-to-date, accurate and consistent data.

Consolidated reporting is a useful tool for objective portfolio analysis and for making informed decisions – and thus vital for successful investment outcomes.

Choosing the Best Wealth Managers

While Bellevue does have considerable investment skills and competencies in numerous targeted business areas, there are of course other areas where we are not an expert and yet we recognize that access to these areas is helpful for efficient and effective diversification.

Over the years, we have identified and established relationships with outstanding specialists in various areas. We maintain regular contact with this network of professionals and put it to use on behalf of our clients if and when appropriate. These professionals are often experts in less liquid investment opportunities such as private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate and hedge fund strategies. In some cases, it may be opportune to engage a third-party active manager even in liquid asset classes.


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