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Bellevue clients are looking for something special. And so are we. As an independent investment services provider, we offer a select and diverse range of actively managed investment solutions. Our quest for sound investment opportunities that generate above-average returns for our clients can take us well off the beaten track, away from the mainstream benchmarks.

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Active Asset Management

Specialist inFundamental Research and Stock Picking

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Equity Strategy

  • BB Biotech AG
  • Funds & Mandates
  • Private Equity

Specialized Regional Strategies

  • Switzerland / Europe Niche Strategies
  • Frontier Markets

Multi-Asset Strategies

  • Absolute Return

Specialist inquantitive, Capital-Market Research

Areas of Expertise

Multi-Asset Strategies

  • Asset Allocation
  • ETF-Strategies

Global Equity & Bond Strategies

  • Global Equities
  • Global Bonds

Bellevue Asset Management – a proponent of specialty solutions

We have a strong conviction for attractive specialty themes powered by structural growth trends.

One of our core areas of specialty that already dates back more than 20 years is the global healthcare sector. We offer a diverse spectrum of top-tier investment solutions for this sector. Investors will find a solution for their specific needs among the many investment funds and mandate solutions we offer, which are crowned by our flagship investment vehicle, the listed investment company BB Biotech AG.  

Our selective investment approach is also reflected in our regional theme funds. We screen and invest in promising family and owner-managed companies based in Switzerland or the broader European continent through our family of Entrepreneur funds. Bellevue is a pioneer in this field. The same applies to our presence in frontier markets. We have become very adept at identifying high growth potential in new and emerging markets, particularly on the African continent, where our many years of experience and well-established local networks allow clients to benefit from attractive investment opportunities.

With BB Global Macro we also offer a multi-asset fund focused on absolute returns. Its investment objective is to meet conservative return expectations with minimal and controlled levels of volatility. 

StarCapital – holistic asset management

As a market-oriented asset manager, we are guided by passion and professionalism in the formulation of our investment strategies and in the decisions we take on behalf of our private and institutional clients. We make sure our clients to understand our investment strategies and provide transparent management and performance data at regular intervals. We strive to build lasting relationships with all our clients by preserving and growing the value of their investment portfolios.

The investment strategies we pursue are based on a combination of our own experience and scientific methods. We draw on the decades of experience of our fund managers as well as on the analysis and findings of our internal capital market research activities. A holistic assessment of financial markets is always of great importance, the long-term aim being the optimal positioning of our clients’ portfolios. Our investment style is distinguished in particular by an anti-cyclical approach.

Given our many years of experience and proven investment expertise, we make use of the entire repertoire of available asset classes: In addition to global equity and fixed income funds, we successfully manage multi-asset funds. A diverse family of ETF strategies (asset allocation with ETFs) rounds out the holistic profile.

The best of two worlds

Conviction and passion for active management styles and high level of complementarity

The successful union of our two businesses is secured by a strong bond: A deep conviction for an active management style – implemented with a high level of discipline and passion.

Both our specialized and holistic strategies seek to create value for investors through active rather than passive management. Experience, proven investment competence and strong convictions allow us to achieve a high “active share” with a moderate asset turnover ratio in comparatively well-focused portfolios.

Opportunities and price anomalies associated with inefficient markets are exploited and anti-cyclical behavior is encouraged. Two different investment approaches are taken:

Fundamental research-driven stock picking (bottom-up)

Bellevue Asset Management's teams of highly specialized experts have a clear objective: Generate above-average returns while keeping risk under control and well monitored. Drawing on our profound understanding of companies and markets, we seek out the best investment candidates. Our portfolio managers are not only investment experts – many also hold degrees in physics, engineering, biochemistry and other fields. All are highly familiar with the companies they cover and the detailed knowledge they have gained over the years gives them a key advantage when forming their opinions. If their opinion diverges from the consensus opinion, investment opportunities will be seized. This disciplined stock-picking approach leads to a concentrated portfolio containing 30 to 50 positions.

Our collective investment expertise and the financial products and services we provide are highly complementary so we can offer our clients the best of our two worlds.

A top-down approach guided by experience and internal capital-market research

StarCapital systematically analyzes capital market events and correlations and, based on the resulting insights and its asset management experience, takes the appropriate decisions. StarCapital’s research and analysis activities focus on valuation aspects, as empirical data shows that long-term returns on stock markets are determined by valuation variables. StarCapital monitors fundamental indicators such as the Shiller CAPE or price/book ratios as well as technical indicators such as relative strength.

The long-term nature of our investment strategies provides leeway for a decidedly anticyclical strategy, which has proven to be a crucial performance driver.

People make the difference

The interests of our clients overlap with our own, not least because the portfolio managers and other key personnel are invested in the same products and therefore share in the success of those products. Even our company's pension assets are invested in our investment products. As the saying goes, “we eat our own cooking!” and that acts as an effective risk management policy.

Independent and entrepreneurial thought and actions are at the heart of our corporate culture. There is no group-wide opinion maker or supervisor to which all portfolio managers are subordinated. All of our specialist teams are committed to a high degree of self-responsibility, respect and visionary thinking within the framework of their autonomous product cells.

A high degree of autonomy helps us to recruit the best investment talent there is and then develop that talent through a productive and mutually rewarding collaboration. Our investment professionals have gained considerable knowledge of the companies and markets they have covered over the years, and are adept at finding the “hidden pearls”.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the market as we strive to achieve the best possible investment outcomes for our clients. The more than 60 professionals working in our Asset Management operations are stationed in Zurich, New York, London and Curacao. We have strengthened our local presence in Germany with StarCapital.

Experience and analytical competence combined with effective risk management

Serious and successful investment research – no matter whether fundamental research or capital market research – is hard work. That plays to our advantage because we like to dig deep into the details. Our in-house capital market research specialists systematically identify the most attractive asset classes, markets and sectors, as viewed from a holistic perspective. Their work is complemented by our specialized fund management teams, which screen the most promising companies in their respective universe. They do so by conducting classic fundamental research and talking with company executives and leading industry experts. There are many pieces to the puzzle and whoever gets them the right will claim a top spot in the race for top returns.

Outstanding performance is also the result of intelligent risk management. Risk management is an integral part of our disciplined, transparent investment process. Investors can trust the watchful eye of our sophisticated risk control system.

Custom-tailored products and services

Bellevue manages some 7 billion Swiss francs for a broad client base. Our investment expertise is channeled through a diverse range of collective investment funds subject to regulation in various jurisdictions, investment companies, private equity vehicles and structured products.

We also construct bespoke investment solutions for individual clients. Theme-specific competence, a deep understanding of local markets, passion, and a systematic, risk-controlled investment process are the ingredients we use to produce success for our clients and for our company.