Bellevue – the House of Investment Ideas

Our distinct specialization, coupled with entrepreneurial efforts and strong sense of independence, makes our Group what it is today. As a standalone asset manager with a multi-boutique profile, we specialize in investment themes offering attractive return potential that can be unlocked through our active investment strategies and we are benchmark agnostic in doing so.

A strong commitment to excellent investment performance sustained by competence, specialization and innovation is a key driver of our success. Our well-defined product range helps investors balance specific investment themes with effective diversification and gives them access to enduring growth stories

Committed to active asset management

Our employees are both investment experts and entrepreneurs, and they have a stake in the success of their own clients. This culture goes hand in hand with a strong conviction in active management with a high degree of discipline. Bellevue’s basic business philosophy gives the portfolio management teams the entrepreneurial freedom they need to deliver what we promise. There are no high-level investment committees or CIOs. All of our expert teams within the various product areas, which operate independently, are distinguished by a high degree of responsibility, respect and visionary leadership.

This has kept us and our clients one step ahead of the broader investment community since 1993. Creating value for our clients, employees and shareholders is our mission.


Corporate News / 23.03.2021

Presentation of the Annual General Meeting of Bellevue Group (in German). 

Corporate News / 23.03.2021

Protocol of the Annual General Meeting, March 23rd, 2021 (in German).

Corporate News / 23.03.2021

All proposals by the Board of Directors approved.

Markets & Opinions / 16.03.2021

Video Update with Portfolio Manager Dr. Christian Lach on March 16.

Markets & Opinions / 10.03.2021

Video Update with Product Specialist Jean-Pierre Gerber on March 10.