Investment solutions

Our core competencies

We have focused our resources on a select and diversified range of products across three pillars: directional healthcare strategies, alternative investment strategies and traditional, broadly diversified investment strategies. The result is a highly selective, distinct offering of investment solutions off the beaten path.

This approach has repeatedly enabled us to identify new investment opportunities at a very early stage and create appropriate vehicles for capturing these opportunities. Innovation has long been a hallmark of Bellevue. Its investment portfolios are always focused on sustained profitability and growth. Highly specialized teams of experts rely on intelligent portfolio management to deliver competitive returns while effectively managing risks. Besides classic fundamental research, this entails direct contact with business executives and directors as well as leading industry experts.

Customized product offering

Bellevue currently manages approximately CHF 12 billion on behalf of a diversified client base. We make our investment expertise available in a clearly defined range of transparent mutual funds under different legal frameworks, investment companies and private equity vehicles.

If necessary, we develop a mandate tailored to the investment needs of the client. We work on your success, and therefore our own, with thematic expertise, market proximity, passion and a systematic and risk-controlled investment process.