Institutional mandates

Challenges for institutional investors

A central issue for institutional investors is determining the investment strategy for achieving a targeted return while adhering to the given risk parameters and regulatory requirements. 

This is a complex process that entails more than simply selecting a strategy that has achieved good results in the past. It calls for solutions that, by virtue of their investment strategy, will also generate an excess return going forward, amid complex and volatile capital markets.

Equity (Healthcare, Value, Small and Mid Caps, Africa), multi-asset/absolute return and direct investment mandates are managed on behalf of institutional investors.

Mutual funds a viable solution for institutional investors

The mutual funds Bellevue Asset Management offers include share classes specifically for institutional investors. Furthermore, the same investment strategies applied by these investment funds can be arranged within a bespoke fund mandate, taking into consideration specific investment restrictions.

Bespoke fund mandates – an ongoing dialog with asset management entities (KVGen)

Bellevue Asset Management already manages numerous special fund mandates on behalf of German institutional investors and has therefore established various interfaces with asset management companies.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

We draw up detailed disclosures that meet both regulatory as well as client-specific requirements for the different groups of institutional investors that we serve. These range from VAG reporting and Solvency II disclosures to special reports for so-called Depot-A clients (e.g. GroMiKV, CRR Reporting, Solva, MaRisk). 

Client relationship management and portfolio management in German

Bellevue Group’s business relationships with German institutional investors are managed through Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland), whose main office is located in Frankfurt am Main. Its client relationship managers have years of experience serving institutional clients. Investment strategy and performance meetings with client relationship managers and the portfolio managers of every available strategy can be conducted in German. 

Institutional investors Germany

Alexander Gerstadt

Chairman of the supervisory board


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Managing Director


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Manager Institutional Investors