StarCapital Dynamic Bonds

 Broad diversification in bonds reduces the risks of the portfolio

The fund's counter cyclical investment strategy makes optimal use of inefficiencies in the bond markets

 The fund has a global focus and invests in all asset classes of the fixed income spectrum with a focus on corporate bonds from the crossover sector 

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Investment Focus

ISIN-No. LU0340783603

This international bond fund aims to achieve capital preservation over the long term while also delivering above-average capital growth through investments in fixed-income securities. The fund managers follow an active investment strategy, constantly adjusting times to maturity and credit rating profiles of the bonds held in response to developments on the capital market. The fund can also invest

Indexed performance (as at: 27.11.2021)

NAV: EUR 1'571.20 (26.11.2021)

Fonds (Brutto)
01 Jan 2010 - 01 Jan 2010
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Rolling performance (26.11.2021)

26.11.2020 - 26.11.20210.56%n.a.
26.11.2019 - 26.11.20200.67%2.95%
26.11.2018 - 26.11.20196.72%5.40%
26.11.2017 - 26.11.2018-3.91%-3.89%

Annualized performance (26.11.2021)

1 year0.56%n.a.
3 years2.61%n.a.
5 years0.86%n.a.
10 years3.64%n.a.
Since Inception p.a.4.40%n.a.

Cumulative performance (26.11.2021)

1 year0.56%n.a.
3 years8.03%n.a.
5 years4.38%n.a.
10 years43.06%n.a.
Since Inception80.00%n.a.

Annual performance


Investment Focus

StarCapital Dynamic Bonds is an international bond fund that aims to achieve long-term capital preservation over the long term while delivering above-average capital growth through investments in fixed-income securities from across the entire bond universe. Its global mandate allows the fund managers to take a top-down approach and target the most promising countries and regions. The fund managers follow an active investment strategy and constantly adjust the maturities and credit rating profiles of the bonds held in response to developments on the capital market. Foreign-currency positions and low-rated paper are held additional sources of return, but only if they improve the overall risk/return profile of the fund.Show moreShow less

Investment suitability & Risk


Low risk

High risk

The StarCapital Argos fund is particularly suitable for conservative investors with a mid- to long-term horizon who are seeking a balance between safety and return in a global fixed-income portfolio.

General Information

Investment ManagerStarCapital AG
Fund AdministratorIP Concept (Luxemburg) S.A.
Launch date11.12.2001
Year end closing31. Dec
NAV CalculationDaily "Forward Pricing"
Cut of time15:00 CET
Management Fee0.50%
Subscription Fee (max.)3.00%
ISIN numberLU0340783603
Valor number3687664
Total expense ratio (TER)1.29% (31.12.2020)

Legal Information

Legal formFCP
Redemption periodDaily

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and can be misleading. As the subfund is denominated in a currency that may differ than an investor’s base currency, changes in the rate of exchange may have an adverse effect on prices and incomes. Performance is shown net of fees and expenses for the relevant share class over the reference period. All performance figures reflect the reinvestment of dividends and do not take into account the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of shares, if any. Individual costs are not taken into account and would have a negative impact on the performance. With an investment amount of EUR 1,000 over an investment period of five years, the investment result in the first year would be reduced by the front-end load of up to EUR 50 (5%) as well as by additional individual custody charges. In subsequent years, the investment result would also be reduced by the individual custody account costs incurred. The reference benchmark of this class is used for performance comparison purposes only (dividend reinvested). No benchmark is directly identical to a subfund, thus the performance of a benchmark is not a reliable indicator of future performance of the subfund it is compared to. There can be no assurance that a return will be achieved or that a substantial loss of capital will not be incurred.Show moreShow less

  • Lead Portfolio Manager

    Adam Choragwicki

    Adam Choragwicki joined StarCapital in 2016. Until 2018, he was a senior portfolio manager specializing in Global Emerging Markets. Since then, he has been head of fixed income fund management.Previously, he was a portfolio manager Global Fixed Income and Emerging Markets at DWS Investments. He holds a degree in banking and is a CIIA and CEFA holder.