Key Data

Balance sheet1.1- %
Total assets473 584463 710 +9 874+2.1%
Total liabilities315 878304 835+11 043+3.6%
Total shareholders' equity157 706158 875- 1 169- 0.7%
Ratios1.1- %
Equity per share (in CHF)12.0212.99-0.97-7%
Undiluted earnings per share (in CHF)0.25-1.49+1.74- 117%
Diluted earnings per share (in CHF)0.24-1.41+1.65-117%
Return on equity 1)3.8%-21.8%-+25.6%
Cost/Income ratio 2)78.3%73.5%-+4.8%
1.1- %
Assets under management (in mn CHF)10 38310 550-167-1.6%
Structured products outstanding (in mn CHF)3427+7+25.9%
Total advised client assets (in mn CHF)10 41710 577-160-1.5%
Custody assets (in mn CHF) 1 3870+ 1 3875n.m.
Total client assets (in mn CHF)11 80410 577+1 277+11.6%
Number of staff (full-time-equivalent) at cuttoff date93.3111.3-18.0-16.2%
Annual average number of staff (full-time-equivalent)107.1100.5+6.6+6.6%

1) Group net profit annualized as a percentage of average equity

2)Defined as: Business expenses (excluding depreciation and movement in provisions) / Total income (excluding income from the sale of participations, income from financial investments and other financial assets at fair value and any other non-recurring items)

3) Before deduction of double counts